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Horseback Riding for the Whole Family To Enjoy

Learn how to ride like a cowboy and experience the thrills of horseback riding at Robbers Cave Stables. Our stable offers a variety of cowboy trail rides for people visiting the Oklahoma area. There is nothing more fun than escaping the city life and getting your boots dirty while going on a horseback adventure. We offer lessons on how to ride a horse, allowing you to learn several successful techniques. 

robbers cave stables horseback ride

Trail Riding Adventure

Enjoy our scenic trail rides with outlaws such as Belle Starr and Jesse James. Our trails offer a peaceful ride through the Oklahoma pines.
This is an adventure that your family will never forget. We can take children 5 years or older on their own horse.

Must Have Reservations!


Guided Trail Riding

Ride Price List

You need to be here 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR RIDE STARTS or you will be REBOOKED.


(some Rides have a Lower Weight Limit Due to the terrain, the safety of the Horse & Rider.)



Outlaw Ride  (NO DOUBLES)

Belle Starr Ride (NO DOUBLES)


Lost Lake Ride (NO DOUBLES) (WEIGHT LIMIT 230)

Jesse James Ride (NO DOUBLES) ( WEIGHT LIMIT 230)

You Lead Pony Rides for Kids 5 and Under

Double riders 2yrs-4yrs only if child and adult fit comfortable in the saddle. Only allowed on the Colorado Kid Ride.


45 Minute Ride

1 Hour Ride

30 Minute Ride

1 1/2 Hour Ride

2 Hour Ride

15 Minutes

30 minute rideonly


$35 Per Person

$50 Per Person

$25 Per Person

$75 Per Person

$100 Per Person

$15 Per Person

$15.00 per child + $25 for adult rider


We do have a weight limit of 260 pounds for a single rider. (The longer rides have a 230 weight limit). Everyone must be physically able to safely get on and off the horses on their own. Children 4 and under are able to ride double (on the Colorado Kid Ride Only) with an adult rider for an extra charge of $15 per child.
(at the stables Managers Discretion).